5.65˝ ePaper Display (EA2220-EGB)【Display Module Only】


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« Compatible with E Ink HULK evaluation kit »

EA2220-EGB is a reflective electrophoretic E Ink technology display module on an active matrix TFT substrate. The diagonal length of the active area is 5.65” and contains 600 x 448 pixels. The panel is capable of displaying 1-bit black, white and red images depending on the associated lookup table used. The circuitry on the panel includes an integrated gate and source driver, timing controller, oscillator, DC-DC boost circuit, and memory to store the frame buffer and lookup tables, and additional circuitry to control VCOM and BORDER settings.


Please make sure you are in possession of a E Ink HULK Kit. go to HULK
Firmware programmer (MSP-EXP430G2) kit is required to update firmware. Please purchase firmware programmer from Here. (MSP-EXP430G2)
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Warranty: 60 Days

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Product Description



  • ● Highlight Red color
  • ● High contrast TFT electrophoretic
  • ● 600 x 448 display
  • ● High reflectance
  • ● Ultra wide viewing angle
  • ● Ultra low power consumption
  • ● Pure reflective mode
  • ● Bi-stable
  • ● Commercial temperature range
  • ● Low current sleep mode
  • ● On chip display RAM
  • ● Serial Peripheral Interface available
  • ● External SPI flash/eeprom for waveform
  • ● On-chip oscillator
  • ● On-chip booster and regulator control for generating Vcom, Gate and Source driving voltage
  • ● I2C Signal Master Interface to read external temperature sensor


Package content

  • ● 5.65˝ ePaper Display (EA2220-EGB)


Parameter Specifications Unit Remark
Screen Size 5.65 Inch
Display Resolution 600 (H) × 448 (V) Pixel  Dpi: 132
Active Area 114.9 (H ) × 85.8 (V) mm
Pixel Pitch 0.1915(H) × 0.1915 (V) mm
Pixel Configuration Square
Outline Dimension 125.4 (H) × 99.5 (V) × 1.15 (D) mm Without protective film
Module Weight 28±2.8 g
Number of Gray Black and White with Highlight Red
Display Operating Mode Reflective mode

Compatibility Table: E Ink Evaluation Kits vs. ePaper Display Module

1.1˝ Round ePaper Display (ET011TT2)                    
1.1˝ Round ePaper Display (ET011TJ2)                    
1.27˝ ePaper Display (ED013TC1)                    
1.43˝ ePaper Display (ET014TT1)                    
2.9” ePaper Display (ED029TC1)                    
2.9˝ ePaper Display (EL029TR1)              
2.9˝ ePaper Display (ET029TC1)                    
4.05˝ ePaper Display (ET040TC2)                    
4.3˝ ePaper Display (ED043WC3)                    
5.17˝ ePaper Display (ED052TC4)                    
5.65˝ ePaper Display (ED057TC2)                    
5.65˝ ePaper Display (ED057TC6)                    
6˝ ePaper Display (ED060XH7)                    
6˝ ePaper Display (ED060KC1)                    
7.8˝ ePaper Display (ED078KC1)                    
9.7˝ ePaper Display (ED097TC2)                    
10.3˝ ePaper Display (ES103TC1)                    
13.3˝ ePaper Display (ES133UT2)                    
13.3˝ ePaper Display (ED133UT2)                    
31.2˝ color ePaper Display (EC312TT2)                
31.2˝ monochrome ePaper Display (ED312TT2)                
39.6” Prism Display Voyage-Dark Blue (SC396T31P1)                    
39.6” Prism Display Daydream-Cyan (SC396T32P1)                    
39.6” Prism Display Blush-Red (SC396T33P1)                    
39.6” Prism Display Sprout-Green (SC396T34P1)                    
39.6” Prism Display Zest-Yellow (SC396T35P1)                    
39.6” Prism Display Waltz-Black (SC396T37P1)                    
42˝ monochrome ePaper Display (ED420TT1)                  


ePaper Display Handling Notice

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5.65˝ ePaper Display (ED057TC6) View online