• Yes, please see MCU selection guide shown below.
  • STMicroelectronics’s MCU is well verified.
  • Minimum system clock shall be higher than 48Mhz with 1.2DMIPS/MHz
  • SPI Speed > 24MHz
  • Compiler Support: Keil MDK-ARM
CPU Core Support

ARM Cortex-M3

ARM Coretx-M4

Memory Requirement

ROM > 12K Bytes

RAM > 40K Bytes

Please see Application notes or contact E Ink for further design information if needed.


Yes, the displays are bendable but not rollable. It is suggested not to bend them multiple times.


It only consumes power during image updates.


Please refer to the user manual and follow instructions to reconnect the panel.

If the panel still does not work, please contact us for support (please follow FAQ 7)


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Step 2: Click on “VIEW REQUEST”

Step 3: Find your request

Step 4: Click on “VIEW”

Step 5: Enter comment or technical support required in the dialog box


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