1. Credit Card: Visa, Master, JCB, and UnionPay.
  2. PayPal: Visa, Master, JCB, UnionPay, American Express, and Discover.
  3. Contact E Ink: E Ink will send an email to the buyer with the following two payment methods:
    • Wire Transfer in person: Please fill in remittance slip at the bank (Please find the remittance information in the Proforma Invoice).
    • Manual Credit Card Processing: E Ink will provide a credit card slip in a word file to the buyer; please send it back to E Ink in a PDF file after filling in related information. Please notify the issuing bank to authorize the transaction with E Ink. E Ink will process the transaction during business hours.
  1. After the buyer orders online and successfully processes the payment (or select “Contact E Ink” in payment method), the system will send a notification e-mail.
  2. If the order request is received by E InK, E Ink will send an email within three working days to reconfirm order information with the buyer; it is necessary that the buyer reply this email again. E Ink reserves the rights to cancel the order if the buyer fails to confirm order or delivery details before the requested deadline.
  3. After the order information is confirmed by e-mail, the buyer will receive a proforma invoice (PI). The buyer does not need to sign it and send it back.
  4. Shipping: Except when notified by a written notice from E Ink, products should be arranged for delivery to the designated location shown the online order within 10 working days after E Ink receives the full payment and sends the PI including order and delivery details to the buyer. Except when notified by a written notice from E Ink, the product delivery term is the designated location of the DAP purchaser (Incoterms 2010). The buyer will receive an email notification after the product is shipped. The email will include the shipment tracking number, invoice, packing list, and technical document download link.


  1. Can I change the payment method after the order is confirmed?
    Payment method cannot be changed after the order is confirmed.
  2. Does the price on the E Ink Shop include shipping fee?
    Most prices on E Ink Shop include shipping fee. Separate shipping will be marked under the product.
  3. How do I know if my order is processed?
    After the buyers submit the order on the website, the system will automatically send an order list to the buyer’s email. The buyer can also check in the Membership Center. Confirmed orders will be displayed in list details.





  1. How can I become the member of E Ink Shop?

    There are three ways available:

    • Click “SIGN IN/REGISTER” on the top right menu and select “REGISTER” to fill in registration information.
    • Fill in personal information in the shopping cart and check “Create an Account” to become a member.
    • Apply from the membership link: https://shopkits.eink.com/my-account.
  2. How do I log in?

    • In the Click “SIGN IN/REGISTER” on the top right menu and enter your account email and password to log in.
    • In the shopping cart, click “Click Here to Login” and enter your account email and password to log in.
    • Log in through the link: https://shopkits.eink.com/member/.
  3. How can I retrieve my password?

  4. How can I check my orders?
    Buyers can check purchase information, including purchase history, technical document download, invoice, and packing list at the Membership Center.



1 Is the EPD or development kit with front light available on the E Ink Shop now?


Yes. The 6˝ePaper Display (ED060XH7) with CONCERTO Driving Board supporting front light is now available on the E Ink Shop. Product information is subject to change without further notice, so please refer to the product page on this site. Please contact http://go.eink.com/e-ink-kit-inquiry for further information.



2 Troubleshooting of the abnormal display when the development kit lights up the EPD.


Check if the look of the EPD, FPC, or flat cable is damaged.

  1. Disconnect USB/power cable.
  2. Check if the look of the EPD, FPC, or flat cable is damaged.
  3. Check if the EPD or FPC is securely connected to the connector of the development kit.
  4. Reconnect the USB/power cable to the development kit.
  5. If the abnormal lines persist, please contact http://go.eink.com/e-ink-kit-inquiry.



3 Does the development kit support Slide Show?


HULK, ICE, CONCERTO, SILK, V5, and VENUS (waving mode) all support Slide Show.



4 Does EPD support hot swapping?


EPD does not support hot swapping. When changing different EPD module, please disconnect the USB cable from EVK first. Then remove EPD module from EVK and connect to another EPD module.



5 How does the EPD light up images and how can I download the AP program?


Please refer to the enclosed document in the software package. The content includes the user guide, AP, FW, demo images, and USB driver.



6 How can I download the software package?


E Ink will send a shipping notification to the buyer’s email when the order is shipped. The software package download link is included in the email, or the buyer can check at the Membership Center. If the buyer does not receive the shipping notification, please check if it has gone to spam or is blocked. Please contact E Ink if you still haven’t received the shipping notification.



7 How should I apply for assistance if I want to use E Ink Shop products and other systems for development testing?


You need to sign an NDA and/or other written form with E Ink separately to acquire related documents provided by E Ink, such as the EPD datasheet, sample code, programming guide, and application note.



8 Does the ”Application Option Button” on the shopping page mean EPD application is restricted?


No. The purpose of the “Application Option Button” is to understand the planned application of the buyer. E Ink can provide various after-sales assistance according to this option.



9 Do 10.3” and 13.3” EPDs come with a built-in handwriting application?


No. Product images are for reference only. For a handwriting application, please refer to the 6˝ePaper Display (ED060XH7) with the CONCERTO Driving Board. However, product information is subject to change without further notice, so please refer to the product page on this site. Please contact http://go.eink.com/e-ink-kit-inquiry for further information.



10 Troubleshooting when the computer cannot read the USB device.


  • HULK: Please install the USB driver included in the software package in the computer.
  • ICE/CONCERTO: Both are displayed as a virtual hard disk on the computer. After installing, a window will pop up asking if you want to run formatting. Click “No” to activate AP and then “Connect” to build a connection.
    1. FW hasn’t been updated status: Please use another computer or USB cable to connect.
    2. FW has been updated status: Please make sure a pop-up window saying “Update FW Successful” appears when updating FW, otherwise the computer cannot read the device and it will be necessary to update FW again by SPI flash programmer.



1 Warranty Terms


The following warranty terms (hereinafter referred to as the “Warranty”) is applicable to all delivered products of confirmed orders under the “Sales and Authorization Contract” (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) accepted by the buyer when purchasing from the E Ink Shop of E Ink Holdings Incorporated (hereinafter referred to as “E Ink”). Terms used, but not defined, in this warranty should be interpreted by the definition of this contract. In the case of any discrepancy between the warranty and this contract, this contract should prevail. E Ink guarantees products: (a) are in good condition; meet quality standards and contain no known production or material defect; and (b) truly meet the applicable specifications. However, (1) any claim regarding products that do not meet the previously mentioned conditions must be submitted in written form within the warranty period (refer to the following definition) according to Article 7 in this contract and warranty terms; and (2) E Ink is not liable for the claims based on the following conditions (not by E Ink or its agent): (i) about product repair, modification, misuse, negligence, abuse, accident, improper handling or storage; (ii) products are not used, stored, or maintained according to the applicable specification; (iii) products are not handled, stored, or used according to the specified conditions; or (iv) products are used against conditions specified in this contract. For any case against the above-mentioned warranty, the only remedy for the buyer and the only obligation of E Ink are that E Ink retains the right to decide to (A) repair or replace the out-of-spec product or (B) refund.

E Ink provides the warranty through the control and tracking of the serial number on the product. If the product serial number is damaged or lost and thus warranty data cannot be confirmed, E Ink has the right to deem the warranty as expired.

    • Storage Temperature  20℃ ± 10 ℃
    • Storage Humidity  60%RH ± 10%RH, Non-condensingE Ink Recommended EPD Storage Environment:
  1. Warranty Period – two (2) months from the date of initial delivery of the Products.



2 Cost of Return Shipping


Shipping costs should be processed by E Ink and the buyer based on the following methods:

  1. For RMA return, the buyer should be responsible for local customs clearance of import/export.
  2. For RMA return, the buyer is responsible for return shipping costs and E Ink is responsible for home freight.
  3. If the buyer does not agree to pay the shipping of RMA, E Ink will pay instead first. However, if the returned product contains no defect after examination, has an expired warranty, or has man-made defects, the buyer should pay for home freight as well as the examination fee, no matter if the buyer agrees to pay for repairs or not. If the buyer pays for sending RMA return back according to Article 2, there is no charge for examination; the buyer only needs to pay for necessary repair costs.



3 Process of RMA Repair


  1. The buyer fills in the RMA application to acquire a RMA number.
  2. After acquiring an E Ink authorized RMA number, the buyer sends the product back to the E Ink repair center.
  3. Except for the defects listed on RMA application, the buyer can provide more detailed information for reference with a note/paper and send it back with the product.
  4. To avoid damage during transportation, please pack the returned product securely. It is recommended to return with E Ink standard packing materials. If E Ink finds any damage caused by poor packing on the product, the buyer should pay for repair/replacement.
  5. Please remove all non-E Ink products (such as the touch panel) before sending the product back. E Ink is not liable for damage of such products when they must be removed for repair. E Ink will charge for dismantling when necessary. E Ink is not able to send back the dismantled non-E Ink products or refund the cost.
  6. If E Ink standard parts/accessories are removed by the buyer or not sent back for any reason, E Ink will replenish parts/accessories if the buyer is willing to pay.
  7. After checking, if the returned products come in a quantity more or less than that specified, E Ink will notify the buyer to confirm as soon as possible. However, following the bonded warehouse regulations, E Ink can only repair and return according to the actual received quantity.
  8. After examining the returned product, E Ink will issue a repair quotation or suggest scrapping and wait for the buyer’s confirmation. No matter if the buyer agrees to the repair cost or scrapping suggestion or not, please always sign the form and send it back so that E Ink can move on to the next step.
  9. Once RMA for return is sent back to the buyer, E Ink deems this RMA as closed. Please confirm the returned product and contact E Ink once you notice any problems. Please follow the RMA process to apply again when necessary.
  10. If the buyer sends non-E Ink products by mistake, E Ink can arrange to send the products back at the buyer’s own charge.



4 Cautions on Return for Repair


  1. Shipping Arrangements
    When sending the product back to the E Ink repair center, please follow the instructions of the E Ink RMA window. For customs clearance, please mark the E Ink P/N and RMA number on the enclosed document and provide information including the enclosed document and flight number for the RMA window to process.
  2. When No Defects are Discovered
    If no defects are discovered after examination, E Ink will charge for the examination and sending the product back to the buyer.