Salt Driving Board


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Salt allows E Ink clients to access the hardware and software of E Ink’s 31.2”, 42” ePaper display module for evaluation. This kit demonstrates as a turnkey solution for those who are interested in designing with E Ink displays. Hardware and software design support is available from E Ink directly.

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Product Description

Salt System Board-01

Why should you choose Salt display?

  • ● Accelerated design-in process of large ePaper models
  • ● Cost effective lay-out design as reference
  • ● End-products adopt features of E Ink display, such as always-on, low power consumption, sunlight readability, etc.
  • ● Suitable for applications such signage market
  • ● Hardware and software support from E Ink directly


What Salt can do for you?

  • ● Demonstrate as a turn-key solution
  • ● Hands-on experiment with Windows AP
  • ● Loading and viewing custom images on 31.2”, 42” E Ink display
  • ● Easy tryout on applications desired



  • ● Support 31.2, 42” E Ink large display
  • ● Full reference design support directly from E Ink


Package content

  • ● Salt Board, 1 pcs
  • ● 12V 5A power adapter, 1 pcs
  • ● Transfer board for 31.2”, 42” panel, 1 pcs
  • ● FFC cable, 5pcs


Item Specification
TCON Solution Hardware TCON
Controller Board
Outline Dimension Tcon board: 15cm × 15cm × 0.12cm
TS board: 40 cm × 5cm × 0.12cm
FFC: 15 cm
Interface USB
Input 12V DC (power on when con.)
RAM Embedded 64MB
Flash Memory External 16MB
Operating Temperature 0~50 degree

Compatibility Table: E Ink Evaluation Kits vs. ePaper Display Module

1.1˝ Round ePaper Display (ET011TT2)                    
1.1˝ Round ePaper Display (ET011TJ2)                    
1.27˝ ePaper Display (ED013TC1)                    
1.43˝ ePaper Display (ET014TT1)                    
2.9” ePaper Display (ED029TC1)                    
2.9˝ ePaper Display (EL029TR1)              
2.9˝ ePaper Display (ET029TC1)                    
4.05˝ ePaper Display (ET040TC2)                    
4.3˝ ePaper Display (ED043WC3)                    
5.17˝ ePaper Display (ED052TC4)                    
5.65˝ ePaper Display (ED057TC2)                    
5.65˝ ePaper Display (ED057TC6)                    
6˝ ePaper Display (ED060XH7)                    
6˝ ePaper Display (ED060KC1)                    
7.8˝ ePaper Display (ED078KC1)                    
9.7˝ ePaper Display (ED097TC2)                    
10.3˝ ePaper Display (ES103TC1)                    
13.3˝ ePaper Display (ES133UT2)                    
13.3˝ ePaper Display (ED133UT2)                    
31.2˝ color ePaper Display (EC312TT2)                
31.2˝ monochrome ePaper Display (ED312TT2)                
39.6” Prism Display Voyage-Dark Blue (SC396T31P1)                    
39.6” Prism Display Daydream-Cyan (SC396T32P1)                    
39.6” Prism Display Blush-Red (SC396T33P1)                    
39.6” Prism Display Sprout-Green (SC396T34P1)                    
39.6” Prism Display Zest-Yellow (SC396T35P1)                    
39.6” Prism Display Waltz-Black (SC396T37P1)                    
42˝ monochrome ePaper Display (ED420TT1)                  


ePaper Display Handling Notice

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Additional Information


Color Salt Driving Board (EC312TT2), Monochrome Salt Driving Board (ED312TT2), Monochrome Salt Driving Board (ED420TT1)


Color Salt Driving Board (EC312TT2)   View online Monochrome Salt Driving Board (ED312TT2)   View online Monochrome Salt Driving Board (ED420TT1)   View online