Plastic Logic 10.7″ flexible ePaper display (700264)【Display Module Only】—【Flexible】


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« Compatible with Parrot MSP430, Beaglebone and iMX6 evaluation kits »

The 10.7″ Lectum display is a flexible active-matrix EPD with gate and source drivers, supporting 1280 x 960 pixels.

This display is particularly suitable for e-book and signage applications.

Please make sure you are in possession of a suitable evaluation kit – Parrot MSP430U, Beaglebone or iMX6 kit.

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Warranty: 60 Days

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Product Description

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  • ● Organic TFT active matrix incorporating industry leading, bi-stable electrophoretic display technology.
  • ● Four chip solution on double COF (chip-on-film); can be folded behind the display.
  • ● Source driver
  • ● Gate driver
  • ● Thin, formable, robust, lightweight.
  • ● Ultra-wide viewing angle.
  • ● Ultra-low power – no continuous refresh cycles required.
  • ● External EPD controller as well as power management required.
  • ● Can be combined with third-party touch solutions.


Parameter Specifications Unit
Screen Size 10.7 Inch
Backplane Type Organic TFT active matrix
Display Resolution 960 (H) × 1280 (V) Pixel
Active Area 163.2 (H) × 217.6 (V) mm mm
Pixel Pitch 170 µm
Pixel Configuration Square
Outline Dimension 187.5 (H) (min) × 245.0 (V) × 0.65 (D) mm (folded), 228.35 (H) × 276.55 (V) × 0.65 (D) mm
Module Weight 37 g
Display Operating Mode Reflective mode


Plastic Logic 10.7" flexible ePaper display (700264)【Display Module Only】—【Flexible】