EPM-100 E Ink Interface Board Set

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The Digital View EPM-100 interface board is designed for E Ink 32″ and 42″ bi-stable reflective display panels. This low power interface accepts an image transferred over USB from a source media player such as a Raspberry Pi or Android PC. E Ink based displays are ideal for public signage, the significant benefits include the high visibility in bright environments as well as the ability to operate from solar power due to the very low power consumption.

Custom driver board layout with additional functions or integration is available as an engineering service. In addition Digital View can assist with display bonding and other integration requirements for the E Ink panel.

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Product Description


• Inputs: Micro USB
• Panel support: E Ink 32″ & 42″
• Power: 12V DC


Package content

• Part number: 32″ kit: 546023910-3
– EPM-100 board
– EPD-10 board
– FFC cables (5pcs)

• Part number: 42″ kit: 546023900-3
– EPM-100 board
– EPD-10 board
– FFC cables (3pcs)


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