Beaglebone Evaluation Kit


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Beagleobone-Kit, suited for low power, mid-performance applications such as handheld devices, wearables and labels. Allows more advanced functionality like basic user interaction and mid-size image processing.
The MCU ARM Cortex-A8 runs on Linux with EPD frame buffer driver.
The kit includes the MCU board Beaglebeone and all other components required to operate different display sizes.
The display sizes suported are 4″, 4.9″, 4.7″ and 10.7″.

The Beaglebone evaluation kit is pre-configured to drive the display type chosen, enabling a swift, trouble free setup. In use, the kit allows you to test loading and viewing custom images onto your chosen display.

No ePaper display panels are included in the package. Please make sure you are in possession of a compatible Plastic Logic display. Go to Beaglebone compatible display panels

* Please ensure that you select the display type being used with this kit prior to order. Different components may be applicable depending on requirements.

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Warranty: 60 Days

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Product Description


  • ● Quick and easy way to evaluate and explore Plastic Logic Germany’s display technology
  • ● Linux based, with ARM Cortex-A8
  • ● Pre-loaded SD card with software and sample images supplied
  • ● Plug and Play power up and slide show start
  • ● Own images can be used by copying to SD card
  • ● Kits PCB, schematics and firmware available as reference – enables customer to easilly develop own applications


Package content

  • ●Driving board
  • ●Display connector (if required)
  • ●Cables
  • ●EPD controller and power management
  • ●Firmware
  • ●Manuals


* As configurations may vary between displays, exact package contents will vary depending on display type chosen. Pacakage will contain all necessary components to drive chosen display type.


Item Specifications
MCU AM335x ARM® Cortex-A8
TCON Solution S1D13541/S1D13524
Outline Dimension 50mmx86mm
Shape Rectangular
Input USB virtual COM, USB, LAN

Additional Information

EVK Type

For 4.0″ Display Module (303003), For 4.7″ Display Module (303007), For 4.9″ Display Module (303005), For 10.7″ Display Module (303011)


Beaglebone Evaluation Kit
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