6˝ ePaper Display [ED060KC1]【Display Module Only】


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« Compatible with E Ink ICE evaluation kit »

ED060KC1 is a reflective electrophoretic E Ink technology display module based on glass active matrix TFT substrate. It has 6” active area with 1072 x 1448 pixels, and the display is capable to display images at 2-16 gray levels (1-4 bit) depending on the display controller and the associated waveform file it used.

Please Note: Driving boards are not included in the display module package. Three versions firmware had been developed with ICE board to support this module.

Please follow the ordering steps in order for us to prepare your evaluation kit correctly.

This is your first time purchasing this display panel module

Step 1: You need to purchase a driving board. Learn and order your driving boards, please go to E Ink ICE kit ( go to ICE  )

Step 2: While you are placing order for your ICE driving board, please select the display module size you would like to purchase from the drop-down list on the bottom of  ICE board webpage  before placed it in Shopping Cart.

Step 3: After placing ICE board in Shopping Cart, return to this webpage and select the ICE board with the correct firmware version (number in the bracket) from the drop-down list that matches the ICE board you just placed in the Shopping Cart.

You are already in possession of an E Ink ICE kit, only want to purchase a display panel module

Please select the ICE board with correct firmware version (number in the bracket) which you are in possession with from the Driving Board drop-down list below. This will help us to prepare your display panel module with the correct firmware.

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Warranty: 60 Days

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Product Description




  • ● High contrast reflective/electrophoretic technology
  • ● 1072 x 1448 resolution
  • ● Ultra wide viewing angle
  • ● Ultra low power consumption
  • ● Pure reflective mode
  • ● Bi-stable
  • ● Commercial temperature range
  • ● Landscape, portrait mode
  • ● Glass substrate


Package content

This demo kit contains the following:

● 6˝ ePaper Display  (ED060KC1)


Parameter Specifications Unit
Screen Size 6.0 Inch
Backplane Type Glass
Display Resolution 1072 (H) × 1448 (V) Pixel
Active Area 90.584 (H) × 122.356 (V) mm
Pixel Pitch 0.0845(H) × 0.0845(V) mm
Pixel Configuration Rectangle
Outline Dimension 101.8(W) × 138.4(H) × 1.01(D) (EPD w/o FPC) mm
Module Weight 28±2.8 g
Display Operating Mode Reflective mode

Compatibility Table: E Ink Evaluation Kits vs. ePaper Display Module

1.1˝ Round ePaper Display (ET011TT2)                        
1.1˝ Round ePaper Display (ET011TJ2)                        
1.27˝ ePaper Display (ED013TC1)                        
1.43˝ ePaper Display (ET014TT1)                        
1.64˝ ePaper Display (EB2000-AFA)                        
2.36˝ ePaper Display (EB2000-BDA)                        
2.9˝ ePaper Display (VC2207-BJA)                        
2.9˝ ePaper Display (VC2207-BJB)                        
2.9˝ ePaper Display (LV1932-BJB)                      
2.9˝ ePaper Display (EA2220-BJC)                      
3˝ ePaper Display (EB2000-COA)                        
4.37˝ ePaper Display (EB2000-DDA)                        
5.17˝ ePaper Display (VB3300-EBA)                        
5.65˝ ePaper Display (VC2207-EGA)                        
5.65˝ E Ink Gallery Palette ™ 4000 ePaper Display (AB1024-EGA)                        
6˝ ePaper Display (ED060KC1)                        
6" ePaper Display (SC1452-FOA)                        
7.3" ePaper Display (EB2000-GCA)                        
7.8˝ ePaper Display (VB3300-GHA)                        
7.8" ePaper Display (SA1452-GHA)                        
8.14" ePaper Display (EB2000-HAA)                        
9.7˝ ePaper Display (VB3300-JGA)                        
10.3˝ ePaper Display (VB3300-KCA)                        
13.3˝ ePaper Display (VB3300-NCB)                        
25.3˝ Spectra3100 ePaper Display [EB2000-PEA]                        

28˝ monochrome ePaper Display [VB3300-PHA]

31.2˝ color ePaper Display (SB1452-QAA)                        
31.2˝ monochrome ePaper Display (VA3200-QAA)                        
39.6” Prism Display Voyage-Dark Blue (SC396T31P1)                        
39.6” Prism Display Daydream-Cyan (SC396T32P1)                        
39.6” Prism Display Blush-Red (SC396T33P1)                        
39.6” Prism Display Zest-Yellow (SC396T35P1)                        
42˝ monochrome ePaper Display (VB3300-RBA)                        


ePaper Display Handling Notice

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Additional Information


Electronic shelf label, eNote, eReader, Mobile, Signage, smart card, smart tag, Tablet, Wearable, Others


6˝ with ICE Board (ED060KC1_0174-30000004), 6˝ with ICE Board (ED060KC1_0174-30000002), 6˝ with ICE Board (ED060KC1_0175-30600001)


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