32” Outdoor E-Paper Display

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The V32-OSM uses a 31.2” reflective E Ink® panel, it is designed for outdoor use and it is ultra-low power, ie suitable for solar power. It has a 31.2” active display area with 2560 x 1440 pixels, and it is capable of displaying images up to 16 grey levels.

The main application is as a Public Information Display.
The V32-OSM is designed to operate in full outdoor conditions and has an IP65 rating as well as an IK8 impact rating. The enclosure is aluminum, with an AR treated optically bonded cover glass; the result is a display system with excellent temperature performance and protection against humidity, UV and IR radiation. The enclosure minimizes the solar load thus enabling use 24/7/365 outdoors and in full sun.

The display is readable even in bright environments and with direct sunlight on the front of the screen. In addition the integrated front light offers illumination during the night. It can be used in portrait or landscape mode depending on the mounting method and image content. On the back of the display there are the power and signal connections as well as the VESA standard mounting holes.


32” Outdoor E-Paper Display

Product Description

High contrast reflective technology
• 1440 x 2560 resolution
• USB image interface (other options available)
• Ultra-wide viewing angle
• Ultra-low power consumption, solar power suitable
• Pure reflective mode
• Built-in front light for night vision
• Bi-stable (holds its image without power)
• Designed for usage in Outdoor conditions
• IP65 and IK08 ratings
• Optically bonded cover glass
• 200x200mm VESA moun


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