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    Purchase of E Ink Gallery related products requires signing a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) & Software License (SLA) before shipment. Please click on “Contact Sales” below to order your kit.

    Atelier with an 13.3” E Ink Gallery Plus display (AC133UT1) demo kit allows E Ink clients to access the hardware and software of  13.3” E Ink Gallery Plus display module for evaluation. This kit is a turnkey solution for those who are interested in designing with E Ink displays. Hardware and software design support is available from E Ink directly.

    13.3” E Ink Gallery Plus display is suitable for various applications, e.g. Artwork, Signage, Retail, etc…

    E Ink launched the next generation – E Ink Gallery™ Plus in 2022. This full color ePaper module, has a color gamut ideally reaching 60,000, an improvement over the earlier generations. The contrast ratio is improved by 40%, from 10 to 14, providing a more impactful visual experience.

    The kit does not include an MCU driving board Raspberry Pi #3. Please purchase from Here

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