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    These 13” greyscale units are optically bonded, with IP 67 casing, UV protection, and optionally LED lighting and a photovoltaic cell. They are very easy to deploy anywhere since they do not require any extensive drilling and permits, wires or connection to the power grid (connectivity can be 3G/wifi and the photovoltaic cell can make the devices self-sustainable).

    With every device comes an already integrated Visionect Software Suite – which supports open API integration of any web-based back-end system – while enabling monitoring features for humidity, battery level, signal strength, temperature etc. It is an enterprise-grade tool built to manage large networks of devices.
    From the Software standpoint – there is a development of a graphical interface needed. A simple piece of software that collects data from the transit file systems (GTFS) and presents it on a website in a user-friendly way. We have also developed a CMS (content management system) which is included in the price.

    Color: Slate Gray


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