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  • $2500

    « Compatible with Avalue EMX-IMX7 driving board »

    42″ EPD-42T Communication Board is a reflective electrophoretic E Ink technology display on an active matrix TFT substrate with PCAP touch (SNW, Silver Nano-Wire) design and is supported for 10-points multi-touch function. The diagonal length of the active area is 42″ and contains 2160 x 2880 pixels. The panel is capable of displaying images at 2 to 16 gray levels (1 to 4 bits) black/white image and able to operate between 0°C and 50°C.

    42″ EPD-42T Communication Board supports for both Linux and Android (5.1) systems. With suitable SDK, you can bulid APPs on each platform for desired EPD experience.

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  • $250

    EMX-IMX7 is a motherboard that supports reflective electrophoresis E Ink technology display. It uses NXP-i.MX7 dual SoC low-power and high-performance processor, it has 6 USB ports (2x external, 4x internal), Gigabit LAN and so on. EMX-IMX7 is a 170mmx170mm RISC motherboard with 12V DC input and onboard 1GB or 2GB DDR3L, 8GB eMMC and microSD slot support.

    The motherboard designed with low-power NXP-i.MX7 Dual SoC supports low-power e-paper displays, and promotes more power-saving e-paper medical displays and e-paper billboard applications. It can improve operational efficiency and reduce resource consumption.

    EMX-IMX7 Reflective electrophoretic display system board supports for both Linux and Android (5.1) systems. Users can build an APP on a free and open platform with a suitable SDK, and fully experience the fun of EMX-IMX7

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