5.65˝ ePaper Display (ED057TC6) 【Display Module Only】


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« Compatible with E Ink HULK evaluation kit »

ED057TC6 is a reflective electrophoretic E Ink technology display module on an active matrix TFT substrate. The diagonal length of the active area is 5.65” and contains 600 x 448 pixels. The panel is capable of displaying 1-bit black, white and red images depending on the associated lookup table used. The circuitry on the panel includes an integrated gate and source driver, timing controller, oscillator, DC-DC boost circuit, and memory to store the frame buffer and lookup tables, and additional circuitry to control VCOM and BORDER settings.


Please make sure you are in possession of a E Ink HULK Kit. go to HULK
Firmware programmer (MSP-EXP430G2) kit is required to update firmware. Please purchase firmware programmer from Here. (MSP-EXP430G2)
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Warranty: 60 Days

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Product Description



  • ● Highlight Red color
  • ● High contrast TFT electrophoretic
  • ● 600 x 448 display
  • ● High reflectance
  • ● Ultra wide viewing angle
  • ● Ultra low power consumption
  • ● Pure reflective mode
  • ● Bi-stable
  • ● Commercial temperature range
  • ● Low current sleep mode
  • ● On chip display RAM
  • ● Serial Peripheral Interface available
  • ● External SPI flash/eeprom for waveform
  • ● On-chip oscillator
  • ● On-chip booster and regulator control for generating Vcom, Gate and Source driving voltage
  • ● I2C Signal Master Interface to read external temperature sensor


Package content

  • ● 5.65˝ ePaper Display (ED057TC6)


Parameter Specifications Unit Remark
Screen Size 5.65 Inch
Display Resolution 600 (H) × 448 (V) Pixel  Dpi: 132
Active Area 114.9 (H ) × 85.8 (V) mm
Pixel Pitch 0.1915(H) × 0.1915 (V) mm
Pixel Configuration Square
Outline Dimension 125.4 (H) × 99.5 (V) × 1.15 (D) mm Without protective film
Module Weight 28±2.8 g
Number of Gray Black and White with Highlight Red
Display Operating Mode Reflective mode
Compatibility Table: E Ink Evaluation Kits vs. ePaper Display Module
1.1˝ Round ePaper Display (ET011TT2)
1.27˝ ePaper Display (ED013TC1)
1.43˝ ePaper Display (ET014TT1)
1.73” ePaper Display (ET017QC4)
2” ePaper Display (ED020OC4)
2” ePaper Display (ED020OC5)
2.9” ePaper Display (ED029TC1)
2.9˝ ePaper Display (EL029TR1)
2.9˝ ePaper Display (ET029TC1)
3.5˝ ePaper Display (ED035OC1)
4.05˝ ePaper Display (ET040TC2)
4.3˝ ePaper Display (ED043WC3)
4.7˝ ePaper Display (ED047TC2)
5.17˝ ePaper Display (ED052TC2)
5.65˝ ePaper Display (ED057TC1)
5.65˝ ePaper Display (ED057TC2)
5.65˝ ePaper Display (ED057TC6)
6˝ ePaper Display (ED060XH7)
6˝ ePaper Display (ED060KC1)
6.8˝ ePaper Display (ED068TG1)
7.8˝ ePaper Display (ED078KC1)
9.7˝ ePaper Display (ED097TC2)
10.3˝ ePaper Display (ES103TC1)
13.3˝ ePaper Display (ES133UT2)
31.2˝ color ePaper Display (EC312TT2)
31.2˝ monochrome ePaper Display (ED312TT2)
42˝ monochrome ePaper Display (ED420TT1)
39.6” Prism Display Voyage (Dark Blue) (SC396T31P1)
39.6” Prism Display Daydream (Cyan) (SC396T32P1)
39.6” Prism Display Blush (Red) (SC396T33P1)
39.6” Prism Display Sprout (Green) (SC396T34P1)
39.6” Prism Display Zest (Yellow) (SC396T35P1)
39.6” Prism Display Harvest (Brown) (SC396T36P1)
39.6” Prism Display Waltz (Black) (SC396T37P1)


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