2.9˝ ePaper Display (ED029TC1) 【Display Module Only】


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« Compatible with E Ink HULK evaluation kit »

ED029TC1 is a reflective electrophoretic E Ink technology display module based on glass active matrix TFT substrate. It has 2.9” active area with 296 x 128 pixels, and the display is capable to display images with black and white content. An integrated circuit contains gate buffer, source buffer, interface, timing control logic, oscillator, DC-DC, RAM, LUT, VCOM, and border are supplied with each panel.

Please make sure you are in possession of a E Ink HULK Kit. go to HULK
Firmware programmer (MSP-EXP430G2) kit is required to update firmware. Please purchase firmware programmer from Here. (MSP-EXP430G2)
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Warranty: 60 Days

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Product Description



  • ● High contrast reflective/electrophoretic technology
  • ● 296×128 display
  • ● Ultra wide viewing angle
  • ● Ultra low power consumption
  • ● Pure reflective mode
  • ● Bi-stable
  • ● Landscape, Portrait mode
  • ● Anti-glare hard-coated front surface
  • ● Low current deep sleep mode
  • ● SPI available


Package content

  • ● 2.9˝ ePaper Display  (ED029TC1)


Parameter Specifications Unit
Screen Size 2.9 Inch
Backplane Type Glass
Display Resolution 296 (H) × 128(V) Pixel
Active Area 66.9(H) × 29.06(V) mm
Pixel Pitch 0.227(H) × 0.226(V) mm
Pixel Configuration Square
Outline Dimension 79.0(W) × 36.7(H) × 1.15(D) mm
Module Weight 4 ± 0.5 g
Number of Gray Black/White
Display Operating Mode Reflective mode

Compatibility Table: E Ink Evaluation Kits vs. ePaper Display Module
1.1˝ Round ePaper Display (ET011TT2)
1.27˝ ePaper Display (ED013TC1)
1.43˝ ePaper Display (ET014TT1)
1.73” ePaper Display (ET017QC4)
2” ePaper Display (ED020OC4)
2” ePaper Display (ED020OC5)
2.9” ePaper Display (ED029TC1)
2.9˝ ePaper Display (EL029TR1)
2.9˝ ePaper Display (ET029TC1)
3.5˝ ePaper Display (ED035OC1)
4.05˝ ePaper Display (ET040TC2)
4.3˝ ePaper Display (ED043WC3)
4.7˝ ePaper Display (ED047TC2)
5.17˝ ePaper Display (ED052TC2)
5.65˝ ePaper Display (ED057TC1)
5.65˝ ePaper Display (ED057TC2)
5.65˝ ePaper Display (ED057TC6)
6˝ ePaper Display (ED060XH7)
6˝ ePaper Display (ED060KC1)
6.8˝ ePaper Display (ED068TG1)
7.8˝ ePaper Display (ED078KC1)
9.7˝ ePaper Display (ED097TC2)
10.3˝ ePaper Display (ES103TC1)
13.3˝ ePaper Display (ES133UT2)
31.2˝ color ePaper Display (EC312TT2)
31.2˝ monochrome ePaper Display (ED312TT2)
42˝ monochrome ePaper Display (ED420TT1)
39.6” Prism Display Voyage (Dark Blue) (SC396T31P1)
39.6” Prism Display Daydream (Cyan) (SC396T32P1)
39.6” Prism Display Blush (Red) (SC396T33P1)
39.6” Prism Display Sprout (Green) (SC396T34P1)
39.6” Prism Display Zest (Yellow) (SC396T35P1)
39.6” Prism Display Harvest (Brown) (SC396T36P1)
39.6” Prism Display Waltz (Black) (SC396T37P1)


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